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Now what to do for kamas with my (100 miner etc)

By lukecassidy - SUBSCRIBER - October 05, 2012, 19:19:42
Ok so I have a 100 miner, 67 Jeweller and a 100 Jewlmagus. I used to get summoner rings and then crush for ap runes, but the ap rune price has gone down to only 90kk, so if I did all that work just to get about 8 ap runes doesn't seem worth it. Anything else I can do?
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You could consider making the alloys needed to make trophies.
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U can craft summoner rings and te make with blop rings. the recipe isnt that hard and its being sold 50kk a ring if it has normal stats. if u can try to blop dung a lot and u get resources no problem, if not u can but other resources and u will still make profit.
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