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What to do with Professions

By Zuikk October 06, 2012, 20:29:20
I've noticed when alot of people ask for ways to make kamas, people will tell them to do professions such as farmer/baker, Miner, LJ, and etc. However, I've noticed most people do not tell them what to do with these professions. Of course, some are common sense, for example farmer/baker, not much you can do, but make bread. But others like LJ, do you wanna sell wood, or planks?, or make something through Handyman & if so then what should we make?. There's many different options.
So I thought we could sort of make a list on what you can do with these professions to make money
Feel free to add anything

Farmer/Baker: Make Wholewheat bread until 60, then you can make cereal bread.
Farmer/Baker/Alchemist: Make recalls through alchemist, get farmer to 60, make Bonta/Brak potions.
Miner: Sell Ores
LJ: Wood or Planks
Miner/Jewler: If it's recommended to make rings, then what should the people of Dofus make for profit?

Stuff like that.
So then people can look at this forum and see everyone's ideas for each profession, and see what they can do with that profession.
If you guys don't want to, it's totally fine. It's just an idea, however I am new to Dofus so I might not be as knowledgeable as the rest of the community, but I feel like this would help alot of people to make money. For all of those who do add their 2 cents thank you. I'm sure it will be a help to many.
Thank You.
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