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Money making?

By OutlawRushu - SUBSCRIBER - October 08, 2012, 06:38:18
I know this post has came up a dozen times but I am still trying to think of a way to make money. I have a level 150 feca and i'm trying to get a turq dofus and scroll my stats so I need to make 20mk. I have no idea how to do this because gobbal dungeon doesn't make money anymore. If someone can give me a good way that would help me a lot. Also, i'm looking to join a active friendly guild because most of the population is dead and I just want one active guild...thank you.
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Do you have any professions that you can use to make money?

Here is a quick idea to consider: make elemental maging potions. It only takes a level 1 alchemist to make them, and any class and profession can use the Munster Crusher in the smithmagic workshop to make the metarias to make potions out of.

If you can fight dreggons then you can harvest the materials to make the mage metarias used in making the elemental maging potions. Those potions will often sell for 50,000-90,000 kamas each depending on the server and the current demand. They are always in pretty good demand though because there are always people who need to mage their weapons, and in some cases depending on luck it can take 10-20 potions to element mage a weapon.

This guide shows the ingrediants to make the metarias: Click here

Just learn the alchemy profession and your level 1 alchemy can turn those metarias into expensive elemental maging potions.
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