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Opinion Needed for Kamas Earning

By jamesbladenshield October 18, 2012, 09:05:37
I'm a lv 179 Feca and getting to such a high level , equipments will naturally be in a higher price . I'm very slow at earning kamas as i dont have a stable profession so i was thinking if anyone have any idea of what i can do to earn a big amout of kamas . I hope anyone who reads this thread could help me answer the following or give some extra effective ways :

1. I planned on earning some income by souling, i remember the last time dragon pig souls are quite worth souling but is it still a good choice now ? Pls add in the details for the new souling system as i was not in the game for several months.

2. Selling Resources/ drops : May i know which resources is the best seller and where can i get it .Estimate spproximately the price and details for the resources .

Please kindly reply to my thread as it means alot to me in my dofus life , thank you all so much smile
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many tips given in previous topic. and many people succeed from them. dont be lazy to check and analyze wink 
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Okay. It depends from your server but what i suggest is still baker/farmer or only farmer. If you harvest many cereal and make flours it makes good kamas. Imagine you had 100 rye flour, in my server (Rosal) its 5kk. To make 100 flour you need 200 cereal. If you are level 100 farmer you can make 200 cereal in under 30 sec. So you can count by yourself how much you can make. Its amazing how much money you will get in the end. If you keep doing this like one week, you can easily get +5mk. For me this is great as a 21 level eni wink 
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