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By MrMrplop October 19, 2012, 03:37:56
someone tell me how to make money fast.
im a baker/farmer jelwler level 13 tailor level 20 lumberjack level 23 and miner level 17
i want to be able to make at least 10-30kk a day and how much time would i need to invest

(also my friend told me that he makes money by leting people win in pvp for 10kk. can anyone tell me more)
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Making 10-30kk a day can easily be done with any of those professions, since your not in need of much money, I would focus on farming/baking. It's not only a money saver at high levels, but it's an effective money maker at lower levels too if all you need to make is a small profit (as you do). Just make 500 or so batches of wholewheat bread. When you're not doing that and/or leveling, you should focus on either getting miner or LJ to 100. Too me, those are two of the most useful professions in the game and are consistent money makers.

-PS. also what your friend done is known as wing leeching, he allows people to kill him so they can raise their wings without any effort by paying him. It's frowned upon and should not be a way to make money.
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