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Getting Tailor

By Chazzmaniac October 22, 2012, 17:27:11
I already know you can acquire it by using the manual but is there an easier way to get that manual..
Such as from an npc somewhere since the Smith Dungeon is causing me trouble <_<
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Currently, the only way to get the tailor manual outside of Blacksmith Dungeon is to acquire it from other players (buying, trading, gift, etc.). I'm sure somebody on Rosal would part with one for next to nothing. Unfortunately, I'm on a different server, otherwise I'd give you one.
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Well, unfortunately, the price of a Tailor's Manual as based off the average price in the market would be around 5.000K or so. Not really "next to nothing" since the markets are still so screwed up.
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Thanks for the info I'll be sure to scout around biggrin 
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I bought mine for 99 kamas.

Just saying.. like always: "prices may vary" wink
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Hello anyone,
Can anyone pls share me information about mens tailoring 
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Try making some higher level friends, people on Rosal are always nice, i've played one there too. So you can always ask on recruitment in bonta or astrub or where ever people always come wink 
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