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F2p Money Making Through Profession

By brainstorm122526 October 26, 2012, 17:13:51
Ok I have two profession. farmer and baker and i need help how to make kamas using these profession
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I would suggest farming to make Wholemeal Bread and sell it on Astrub Market.
It sells pretty well and will get you enough money to buy sets like the Gobball Setbiggrin 
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Professions aren't worth it F2P. I suggest making 3 more accounts, levelling them up to 30 or so, find a nice P2P person to help you hunt full adventurer sets for your team then hunt Piwis (Feathers and seeds sell really well) or chafers in incarnam (Staff carvers need them for levelling).

This should easily get you the 200,000ish kamas you need to buy your first week of subscription for one character then you can move onto something else like levelling a miner or lumberjack.
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Alternatively, opt for a Sadida to lvl 36 for Manifold Bramble > farm Tofu meat at Tofu corner, AND inside Astrub for easy Piwi mats. Bring a few Enu's optional... smile

You will need the hunter tool equiped, and battle that Gob in N amount of time for the profession from the bearnan hunter guy in Astrubs' forest.

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