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Other Scythes

By Chazzmaniac October 28, 2012, 18:18:18
The question has only just occurred to me that would getting a different Scythe really make a difference to my farming mellow

The Scythe I got from Foreman Ikure has not failed me yet so is there any need to change
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The scythe you are using now is just as good as ones bought in Astrub or Amanka
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Yeah sadly there isn't much variation in scythes. At least with my lumberjack profession there is a reason to invest in something like the Oak Killer or Ancestral Treechnid Splitter because they give a strength boost that help you carry a few more pods. With the farmer profession there is no reason why you shouldn't just keep on using the basic scythe.
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Pretty much this^

And there is no reason why no-one should simply make a suggestion on the suggestion section; which might make it into the Zenith section with enough support. biggrin

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