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Lumber Jack? Should it be strength?

By ImCanadian November 03, 2012, 06:04:01
Okay so I guess to make it simple:

Lumber Jack Prof. Should it be a *must* to be str? why or why not.
  • also what other profs fit nice with lumber jack?
  • I'll guess handyman and what....

Shoemaker/Sword Smith + what?

and a 3 prof team of your pick that you like?

Lets get heads spinning tongue
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It's not a must. Woods usually have either Sawmills or Carver stations nearby, so you can right away plank or carve the wood you harvest. If any heavy-carrying profession needs str, then its Miner IMHO.

Said this, either any carving profession or handymen (uses the planks) goes hand in hand with Lumberjack. wink 
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Strength is good for lumberjack but not necessarily a requirement. If you lack strength, a good backpack and a loadbearer dragoturkey work just fine.

I currently have my Lumberjack profession paired up with staff carver. Pretty much everything you need you can cut yourself. You can also make a bit of money crushing runes of the items you make and selling them.
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