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Hunter+Butcher x Fisherman+Fishermonger

By KinnoHAF November 17, 2012, 20:30:08
That's the question people, I'm between this 'combos', and don't know what would give me more Kamas, I know that both require time, and you'll need to dedicate, but which would you choose, and why?


What other professions could be profitable too? I know all them takes hard work, but some are just more profitable, which would be?
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Once I have high enough leveled character, I'm making a Hunter and Butcher. Simply because you can rely that with persistent work you will get your kamas. Fishermen tend to rely on rare drops and fishmongers aren't quite in demand.
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Fisherman is good, allow you to get fish to recover your hp, you can sell fish (1 pod not 3) easily.
Fisherman allow you to get a chance of getting rare fish that can cost a lot of kamas. (rare fish)
Fisherman is better if you are low level and if you only use 1 account.

Hunter allow you to gain exp and drops while leveling your profession and at level 100 allow your drops to be better in certain dungeons.
Hunter is much better if you make more than 1 account with this profession, so killing kanigloo/pinguim at level 120 with you accounts give you awesome meat, and if you go dungeons you can sell meat at same price as characteristic scrolls (depending on conditions).

So, do you have 1 account or more?
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Nope, one account, and not planning on making more. I don't want this money to come fast, I really want to invest time and/or resources on this profession, and when it gets to HLs, enjoy it, BUT I want this money to come someday, so money is in this decision. (Game money, Kamas, not RL cash)

*other combos/professions that you can suggest?*
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You'll want hunter/butcher if you want constant kamas.
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It's a profession that I can count on to get Kamas? *investing time of course, like all the others*
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i'd have to say baker , it takes a while , but if you make a lot of bread you can make brochettes and wheat bread . and when you get to the level with brochettes and wheat bread lots of people buy them .happy once i logged out for two hours and i was in merchant mode and i was selling them for 11 kamas for wheat bread and 25 for the brochettes . i had 61 wheat bread in stok and 39 brochettes . and i had 18 kamas left [ i bought a little white bow meow and 30 nuggets , but i couldn't feed the bow meow nuggets . witch was depressing .sleep ] but when i logged in again i had 715 kamas .[ i did sell other things to though .] !laugh and i only sold my wheat bread [ out of the different breads ] ! witch i thought was weird .blink hope i could help ! laugh 
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In the Farmer/Baker combo I'd have to fight against bots, which I'd rather not. What's more profitable than Hunter+Butcher?
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I would recommend including alchemist as one of your starting professions. It's fairly independent of other professions, and you can make Recall Potions, which every player needs, right off the bat. Hunter can be an enjoyable profession to level especially if you are leveling your character at the same time. But to make the best use of a level 100 hunter, you will also want to have a level 100 alchemist, farmer, and possibly lumberjack too. Level 100 hunters can get meat from many monsters in Frigost, while getting good character XP in the process. However, those types of meat all require resources from the other 3 professions to preserve.
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WOW, Farmer/Alchemist AND a Lumberjack? ;/ That would take my three profession slots, how about the combo Lumberjack + Miner + Jeweller? Better than only Hunter + Butcher?
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KinnoHAF|2012-11-18 15:01:32
WOW, Farmer/Alchemist AND a Lumberjack? ;/ That would take my three profession slots, how about the combo Lumberjack + Miner + Jeweller? Better than only Hunter + Butcher?
You need those professions only if you want to preserve Frigost meat without buying any items from other players. Lumberjack is the least necessary in that regard, because only the meat from the the couple of Frigost sub-areas require wood. It will take a while to get Hunter to level 100, and to get your character high enough level to hunt Frigost monsters, so you don't have to worry about it in the short term. You can create multiple characters on the same account, to be able to level more professions, as well as switch between them when you are bored with a character. That's what I do.

I have only had experience with harvesting professions, but my impression is that equipment crafting professions take much longer and/or more kamas to level, while being more profitable at the end. Lumberjack and Miner are also harder to level than Farmer and Alchemist due to relative rarity of resources. You may want to visit the Zenith thread on professions where many other players have contributed their insight.
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most of my money comes from miner, my main character has miner and hunter (also has farmer but ive power leveled an alt on this account to get rid of it on main to make way for butcher)
i found that miner was very profitable, with hunter and butcher i need not worry about buying food, an alt is farmer/baker/alc, another is jewler/shoemaker/tailor/jewlmage i also have a handyman/lumber. and a fisher/monger.
the fisher takes forever to level, but the rare drops can bring in alot of money.
lumber is also a slow one to level.
personally i would go for miner or hunter/butcher
it also helps to have different profs from your guildies, that way your guild can do more things

but its entireley your choice, just have fun
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Hunter/Butcher is a great pair of professions because you can use them as soon as you pick them and they become more and more developed as they progress. Also, because the materials you gather come from progressively stronger monsters, it's a pair of professions that won't "get old" as you progress in the long-term and approach your end-game levels. Speaking for myself, I prefer to log one account and use only one alt. I wrote the guide for Hunter/Butcher, and it's a lovely pair of professions, but after nearly two years of it I wanted to do something different. However, having said that, Hunter/Butcher is a very profitable pair of professions even without having an alchemist, farmer, or lumberjack. After level 60, you can prepare Kaniger steaks (+300 HP) which on Zato usually sell for 50kk per 100. After level 80 you can prepare Crocodyl steaks (+400 HP) which on Zato usually sell for 80kk per 100. These recipes require salad, but that's something you can usually find on the resource market or easily gather from blops on your own with very little prospection.

After level 100, you can prepare several recipes which require different levels of professions for completion. Koalak steaks (+500 HP) require palm oil, which is ground from palm fruit dropped by scarabugs. Yes, palm fruits are time consuming to drop, but to grind palm oil you only need a level 1 farmer which you can easily put on an alt, pull the ingredients from the bank, and go to a farmer's workshop. Palm Fruits are dropped by scarabugs, so you can gather Insect Flesh** and you won't even have to "play" your farmer - just gather the fruits with the hunter and have your farmer grind it later. Imperial Pate (+600 HP) usually sells for 90kk per 100; it is time consuming to craft, but it only requires a level 100 Farmer to gather Frosteez cereal and grind Frosteez oil. You can sometimes find Frosteez cereal and oil on the market, but really - it's so easy to put Farmer on a do-nothing alt and gather your own. I've got a wimpy character level 54 alt with 100 Farmer who did all that work for me and it only took me about a week to gather the cereal and grind flours. Heck, ask your guildmates - they might even give you cereal for grinding flour for free.

Beyond Frigost village, you can hunt all the monsters in Frigost 1 for Cubes of Meat (+700 HP.) Like Imperial Pate, they require Frosteez oil, but they also require the level 100 Alchemist to gather Snowdrop flowers. If you pair Alchemist with your Hunter/Butcher, you can pick flowers while you run around, and that's gonna save you a lot of time. You can also pick Snowdrops and sell them on the resource market - on Zato, they typically sell for 150kk per 100. The last time I bought Frosteez Oil was almost a year and a half ago, but if I recall the price was between 30kk and 50kk per 100. So if you do the math, you'll see you can work as an Alchemist to purchase the ingredients you need for your Hunter.

Lumberjack is *only* needed to cook Bearbarian breasts and meat from Frigost 3. If you don't hunt Bearbarians or if you haven't opened Frigost 3, then guess what? You don't need a 100 Lumberjack. Anyway, Aspen wood is usually around the same price as Frosteez Oil (30kk to 50kk per 100), and considering that you can sell 100 Frigost meats for 160kk and more per 100, you'll still come out in the black... not counting the sales of monster drops on the Resource market... not counting that you're getting character experience at the same time you level your professions.
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Hunter/Butcher is the way to go both can be fully leveled in 5 days and don't rely on rare drops to make kamas. The bird meat you'll start hunter out on alone is profitable to sell in batches of one hundred! Plus you'll level your character at the same time making the most of the time you spend playing dofus. Also croc meat is very profitable to sell both cooked and raw usually going for 200kk on the rosal server!

On top of that the kaniger and croc resource drops are useful in leveling tailor easily from level 60 up! So hunter/butcher is useful for not only making you kamas but saving you kamas as well
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I would totally say go fisher due to mounts energy , making hp heals and getting very expensive rare fish!!! Mks
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