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Is making wholewheat bread a good way to make kamas?

By Bruilinx November 22, 2012, 02:56:21
Alot of people told me being a farmer and baker will get you alot of kamas
but iv'e noticed that 100 of wholewheat bread are selling for 2500.
Which isn't really that worth it is it, since you have to take the time to farm wheat + wheat flour
and as a farmer I KNOW that takes alot of time, so is this way a good way to make kamas?
Or should I try something else, and if so, what?
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Wholewheat bread is a good way of making kamas for a lower leveled character like yourself (going off what I see when I click your name on the forum).

Is it the best way ever of making money? Absolutely not. But it's a guaranteed sell because everyone wants bread. It would also be wise to keep some of that bread aside for yourself, so that you don't have to spend any of your hard-earned kamas on bread. The beauty of Farmer/Baker is that, in terms of HP restoring items, you are entirely self-sustaining.

In regards to how long it takes... Yeah, being a low level farmer sucks. But the more time you spend farming and whatnot, the higher your level gets, and therefore you can harvest things faster and receive more for each click. (You'll also be able to make more lucrative breads and harvest more things later, like Cereal Bread) Putting time and effort into professions is always worth it 100% of the time.
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You should do the miner/lumberjack combo. It's a lot of work to level both of these professions up, but has so many uses and worth the investment.

- Bochi
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Farmer/Baker is pretty nice. It doesn't take nearly as long to level up as miner or lumberjack, so the kama payoff is lower. But, as stated, people always want bread so it's easy to make some kamas. Plus, with Baker the only investment you spend is a couple kamas on a water and bakers yeast per bread vs all the ingredients a hunter/butcher need.

When I get into a production mode, I will spend a couple hours making 600-800 cereal bread before doing other things. If I try to sell them all, they are usually sold by the next day, so I can repeat as I need or want to.

There is no "easy kamas" all takes time. If it was all easy, everyone would be a kama-billionaire.
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Farmer/Baker combo and selling wholewheat bread is pretty much how I initially was able to afford to subscribe. I've found that selling them in batches of 10 higher than then average price will sell faster than selling them in batches of 100. It isn't instant riches but the kamas are steady and it shouldn't take you forever to earn a decent amount.
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Honestly you'd be better of being a hunter/butcher for one you get to level your character while hunting which makes the most of the time you've to play, Second all the ingredients you'll need to preserve your meats can be dropped so in theory you could level the prof with little or no kamas invested!!, Third they make better hp restoring items than bakers! By that I mean cooked meats restore a set amount of hp unlike many breads

So a stack of 100 frosteez bread will at most restore 50,000 hp while 100 imperial pate will restore 60,000 hp! Making the imperial pate a much better choice than the frosteez bread! Also you'd spend more on breads than cooked meats since the only breads that restore a set amount of hp is field and cereal and that's only 10,000 per 100! So far a level 100 bread frosteez is out done by the level 80 butchers meat imperial pate

From the 600 hp one imperial pate restores the number just goes up with the different frigost meats 700 per mastogob leg, 800hp per cube of meat, and so on. The only drawback for hunters is at level 100 you need the help of a level 100 farmer, alchemist, and lumberjack to preserve their meats. Once you compare the hp restoration ability of cooked meats to breads it becomes clear that bread is inferior.

Plus you get resource drops while hunting which provides you with another way of making kamas and many of the meats sell quite well with out being cooked. Measts like bird meat and bird meat** since bakers need bird meat to make tahde bread and handymen need the ** variety to make kwakwa's nest keys. Then there's croc meat which bakers need to make intre bread so you have a direct method of making kamas by selling the meats and an indirect way by selling the resource drops form kwaks and bwaks, crocs, gullipops, crabeyes, wolly bow meows, and other frig creatures
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