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Where the hunter Professions

By IamBADBOY#5971 August 14, 2013, 03:40:32
I cant seem to find him, in 2 location peoples told me go.
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Read Hungry Mama's guide the location of the guy. Who teaches you the prof is in it and there's lots of good strategies for leveling the profession. Also you might want to get butcher as well since it'll save you tons of kamas and will also make you a good bit as well
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  • Speak to either Musa in Edge of the Evil Forest at (1,18) or Unterix Unter in Astrub Forest at (2, -24).
  • Agree to becoming a Hunter. You will then automatically start a fight with a Hunted Gobball.
  • Kill the Hunted Gobball, it will drop a Smelly Gobball Leg.
  • Take the Smelly Gobball Leg to the NPC, who will then teach you the profession.
  • Buy a Hunting Tool from the NPC.
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Astrub Forest at (2, -24).

i am at that spot, and he not there
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Either you don't know how to read a map, or you're not looking close enough. Unterix Unter is wearing a bear-skin cape, holding a wooden club, and standing beside a tent in front of a camp fire.

If you're having trouble navigating by map coordinates, just go north of Astrub outside the walls and find the Rogue statue on the map. Then, go two maps north and you'll be there.
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It changed its location to 1,-23. I'm not sure what I need to do to be able to become a hunter, though. I already bought the weapon but he doesn't offer me to fight or anything.
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Dear Pr-,

The profession systems have changed  since then and are much more simplified. Now one can be a hunter, Tailor, Handyman or even a grandmagus who can put a AP rune on a 7 fire res exo. This makes the game way better. During the reconstruction of the professions the quests to get professions, tools and the like were removed. Basically the only thing that stayed were weapons with the effect of "Hunting" on them.

To level hunter these days one must get a weapon with the effect of Hunting and then hunt creatures that drop meat of your level. You start out as a 1st level hunter which means that you can only get meat from mobs that reside in the beginner area. The Incarnam. I suggest you wield said weapon and hunt some cute gobbals! and then you have to find a workbench where you can prepare the newly gotten meat and you will get levels and meat which can restore HP or Energy biggrin

I wish thee well and if you have more questions then please make a new thread. This one is a tad too outdated.

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