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help with shoemaker

By thecatscradle - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 15, 2013, 13:58:06

i have a lvl 66 shoemaker whats the best way to lvl it?

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The best way to level just about any crafting profession is to find a low level recipe where the ingredients are cheap and easy to get. Then just get a few thousand of those ingredients, and make a bunch of those low level items.

If the low level items sell on the market sell them on the market.

If they sell to NPC for a decent amount of kamas sell the low level items to an NPC. Sometimes NPC's will give you 250-500 kamas per item, which for some recipes is enough to pay you back for the ingredients you bought or gathered to make the recipe. In some rare cases with some recipes you might come out ahead in kamas from selling to the NPC allowing you to basically do an endless cycle of buy mats, craft a bunch of crap, sell to NPC to get kamas back, and then buy more mats. Eventually you empty the market of mats and have to spam Astrub / Amakna Village for mats to buy, but if you find the right recipe and get lucky you can pull this off and level a profession pretty fast.

If the low level items have decent stats you might also choose to crush them to get runes and sell the runes to get kamas to get more mats for you next batch of crafts.

It's all about finding the right recipe that you can get mats for, grind out a few hundred of them, sell/crush them to get kamas back, and then rinse and repeat.

It's usually not worth trying to level a profession using the mid or high level recipes because those recipes are so incredibly difficult to get mass quantities of ingredients for. It's always more time effective to grind low level recipes even though the exp from grinding those low level recipes seems pitiful. It'll take a while but trust me it will take far less time than if you try to gather the ingredientsfor the medium or high level recipes and level using those recipes.

Just be careful not to go too low level because past a certain point the lowest level recipes stop giving any exp at all. Usually the best recipes to grind with are four or five ingredient low level recipes because even at level 90 you'll still get exp from crafting them.

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