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Professions and prospecting

By xXx-sarah-xXx#5259 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 04, 2013, 22:06:22
Hi, I'm wondering what professions are affect directly/indirectly by prospecting/chance

I understand hunter and fisherman are affected by prospecting

indirectly tailor and shoemaker are too (drop more wool for example, u can make gobball set faster)

Any more?

Also If I'm making a pure cha Enu is Fisherman/Hunter/? a good combo?

Il have fishmonger/butcher on another guy
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Well it affects farmer too as it increases your chance of dropping rare cereal from protectors.
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Hey Sarah happy
About that combo build of Enu, sounds good. You well definitely catch the big fish biggrin\
I think that you mentioned all profs. that are boosted from prospecting, could be that the fisherman is at the top of others.
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hello smile sorry for my english but i cant find if pp affect haresting amount exp: farmer lvl 200 i have chance for wheat 7-25 with 100pp. When i have 200pp or more i should have better chance for harvesting better amount? ( 15-25 ?) thx.
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No, prospecting doesn't make you gather more or gain more experience in the gathering professions.  It only gives you a better chance to drop the rare resource when you fight a protector.
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