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Trying to be a tailor

By Floppaloppagus - SUBSCRIBER - June 04, 2014, 00:31:37

Hello all,

I'm trying to be come a tailor and iv looked at countless guides telling me what I need and how many of what I need, how to make kamas while leveling etc.. What I'm looking to do is spend minimal amount of kamas on leveling any of my crafting professions. So I am asking you seasoned players for a bit of advice today. Where might be the best area,places and maps to farm materials needed to level tailor. For example Before 2.0 on my old account I would farm gob dungeon for wool and such but now I feel like the nerfed dungeon doesn't provide what it used to. Is there any other place where I can collect large amount of mats fairly quickly?

"wait this isn't runescape?"

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Piwi mats are easy enough to farm. Then you can run kwakwa, tan san or daggero and if your alliance controls terrdala farm the mobs there. If not, there are kitsou mobs outside as well. Try and craft for people that farm runes, the xp helps.

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most people just mass farm piwi items to 60 lol cause tailor is a pain in the butt to lvl same with shoemaker

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