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Someone can help ?

By fastsn-tu-thur March 22, 2015, 10:20:27

Hi everyone, im a new guy in this game .
i want to know how to play this game ? not about how to manipulate.
it's just about job.which job is good .how can i choose.and equipment corresponding attributes of each job.
and how to earn money?.
thx everybody, help plz .

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You can have up to three professions on each character, plus up to three magus specializations (described below).
There are generally two types of professions: Gathering professions and crafting professions. In the former you harvest regenerating resources from the world (like cereals or wood), and in the latter you craft equipment or consumable items from resources that were either gathered or dropped from a defeated monster. Alchemist is the only hybrid profession, where you can gather herbs and craft consumable items.

Crafting professions that produce weapons or equipment can have a magus specialization that does not count towards the maximum of 3 professions. Magus professions are used for improving the values of the crafted items, which may vary from craft to craft. Improving items consumes magical runes that can be acquired by crushing other equipment in a special machine. You can learn a specialization when the associated crafting profession is level 65 or higher.

For a beginner it would typically be wise to choose gathering professions first, so that you can harvest resources that are needed for a crafting profession. For information about where to learn gathering resources you can simply click on any of the resources that you find, this will make a message box pop up with a link to the location where the profession can be learnt. Information about learning the crafting professions can be retrieved from the job center located in Astrub, a few maps left of the zaap. The tools for most professions are sold by the persons who teach the profession, though tailor is an exception since it's acquired by reading a book.

Earing money is generally the same in every profession: Gather or craft something, then sell it. There are public sellrooms for nearly everything in Astrub where you can put your things to sell them to other players, though Astrub sellrooms are limited to items below level 60. Most crafted items can also be sold to NPCs, but they will pay only very few kamas, so you better try selling to other players. Other means of selling are direct trading with other players via the exchange interface, or setting up your merchant mode (merchant mode puts your items for sale when you are logged out, but it is only available to subscribers).

The easiest professions are farmer, baker and alchemist (baker requiring a farmer). Which professions are best regarding the profit depends on the server economy, so if you want detailed information you should ask people from the server you are playing on.

I hope this helps, I had some difficulties understanding some of your questions.

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Just to add a tip for you,

When you make a thread title, please state your problem or question so the right people can help you without reading your whole text.

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I think you should just choose miner and level it up to 100. Sell the ores in miner market or make the ores become alloys like pyrute, brassic, kobalite, an the list goes on. It is very straightforward and just requires hard work and patience on your part to succeed in this method. Go to Click here to learn more on becoming a miner.

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