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Ways to make kamas nowadays!!!

By ptskoon - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 03, 2015, 18:57:54

well I know it's a really dumb questions. But what's the answer? I have lvl 100 miner, 7 slot tailor, 5 slot jeweler,lvl 58 lumberjack. But I just have no idea what to do with those professions. Look, I have been away for quite some time already , I believe there will be changes in the market and the demands for certain items.

I just need need tips for that. Thanks .

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It varies on each server, different servers prefer certain things.

Until an inter-server market comes into place, there is no right answer. You have to learn what you particular server needs, then work to fill that need.

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Why not try an experiment? Mine some various lvl 1 to 50 materials and then put a group of 100 and/or 10 in the market to sell. See how long it takes you. I am on Rushu, and I find that I can sell my ores pretty quickly (granted Rushu is also more populated).

As for tailor/jeweler, it depends on if there are new players joining. Having an Adventure Set in the market is probably a good idea. Or even Gobball set. Those will probably sell well to new players (especially the hat/cape bits). I don't know much about the higher level gear that is in demand :x

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This is a good way to make kamas, I myself have not had the urge to indulge in it as of the moment, farming for most commonly used mats required for making high level gear and either selling the mats or saving them and recruiting for other players to craft the item with the mats you collected and selling the item.
Another way is treasure hunts. On solar Maho pebbles sell for around the 150kk range and you can easily obtain 10 a day. That is roughly 1mk a day depending how many you decide to farm for.
Fighting Dopples for Maho pebbles will also make for some extra buck, #Note: do Dopples before you indulge in other activities so that way you don't decide you don't want to do them later if you know what I mean.
Level your professions when you are not farming mats or treasure hunting.
Selling ores and wood if you have both miner/lumberjack is also a good decent income of kamas.
Koloing can make you decent kamas as long as you can win them.
These are ways I have of making kamas, at the moment though I am trying to get back into enjoying doing all this. since I quit back in October and recently came back in January/February I have found things to tedious for my taste lol, but these are sure ways of making kamas...

Hope this helps

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Depending on server and market, a way that hasn't quite been overly used is selling raw meat most preferrably Wabbit, Kaniger, and Crocodyl Meat. It still works and so far from my findings, Kaniger is the most popular, yet when it comes to ease of gathering, Crocodyl is easier and faster to kill with the right class and build, (specifically a Int Cra with level 6 Explosive Arrow).

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