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making items ..bug?

By canchoose - SUBSCRIBER - June 24, 2015, 02:12:07

Just been making some potions and its seeming to take forever.
I try and press cancel and i have to quit the game for it to stop.
Also is there some sort of guide as to where you get new ingredients
as i've not got a clue what most of it is,how much to sell things for
and don't know if bestiary is not linked to ingredients.

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All guides as to where to find things are player made. I'm sure the people like Revil-Nunor who frequently update the wiki are working like crazy but since the update came out yesterday, there's not much that you'll be able to find.

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Have you tried clearing your cache in regards to your issue? If that doesn't help, send a bug report.

Which particular ingredients are you looking for? Materials for professions like Hunter? (Cherries, Blop Jelly or the like?)

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