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Observations on profession experience and crafting

By Korrupt June 29, 2015, 22:20:57

As the wiki is still being updated, I thought I’d share some observations that I’ve made on how profession experience works post 2.29.

This may be old news for some folks, but hopefully it will be helpful to some.

First, experience required for the next level is calculated as 20*(your current level). In other words, to get from level 40 to level 41, it requires 20*40 or 800 experience.

Total experience needed to attain a given level can be calculated as 10*(profession level)*(profession level - 1). As an example, if you want to know how much cumulative experience you need to get to level 100, the answer is 10*100*99 = 99,000 xp. The total amount of experience required to get to level 200 is 398,000 (10*200*199).

For crafting professions, the amount of experience you get no longer depends on the slots used in the craft. All of it is dependent on the level of the item being crafted. Generally, for normal crafting, making an item that is the same level as your profession will give 20*(your current profession level) of experience. Not accidentally, this is exactly the amount of xp you need to get to the next profession level all in one craft. Thus, it’s theoretically possible to level up your crafting profession from 1-200 with only 200 crafts. There are some exceptions, especially it appears in the hunter, farmer, alchy recipes. I haven’t focused much on them yet because those professions are already leveled on my main.

The experience generated falls off pretty substantially with each level difference between your current profession level and the level of the item being crafted. I’m not good enough at math to figure out the exact formula for this, but here are the main breakpoints by level difference between your crafting level and the item level (with some minor differences due to rounding):

1 level disparity: appx 90% of the experience

3 level disparity: appx 75% of the experience

8 level disparity: appx 50% of the experience

22 level disparity: appx 25% of the experience

55 level disparity: appx 10% of the experience

For example, if you are crafting a level 40 wand as a level 40 carver, you will get the full 800 xp of the craft (again, remember 20*40). However, if you are at level 48 carver, you will receive about 400 xp (exact amount I observed is 403). If you continue to craft that level 40 wand at level 62, you will receive 200 xp per craft, and by level 95 it will be about 40 xp per craft.

Because of the drop off in experience, it generally tends to be more efficient to try to create items at or close to your crafter level. There are exceptions to this, however, especially if you find a recipe that has easy to find/buy/farm materials which you can produce en-masse. If you're going that route, just keep the experience drop-off in mind.

One other observation is that materials for crafting in different professions tend to be found in similar areas. For example, many of the same Incarnam mats are required for all the crafting professions for levels 1-15. The system seems to be designed to favor gradually raising all the professions concurrently along with your character level rather than power-leveling one profession at a time.

Good luck all!

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