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Question regarding over/exomage on a Srambad Daggers, Pauper's Robe Cape to MP Exo, and About Maging

By KingOfIce - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 30, 2015, 08:20:53

1. I have a question regarding an overmage to the SramBad Daggers. While maging, If i took the range off, that would be 51 power, then can I do this? It would be -1 range, +sink. So 51 power. Max Str, Cha is 70 for the perfect stat, can I overmage one of the stats lets say, Chance to 100, then mage a few resis runes (Ofc all of this is, if it lands, instead of -sinking) and then put the range back on??
2. Regarding the Pauper's Robe, if I mage it with MP Exo, is it possible to lower the lock malus, it has? I mean the Mp has 90 poder, therefore I should be able to lower it 2 times because lock is 4, x2 would be 8 making the latest outcome 98 poder, since another one would be 102, which the max is 101, making it just possible to have instead of -11 lock malus, to a -9 lock malus, +1mp.
3. Regarding the thing above. Putting things like dual, tri exomages, like the +MP, +2 lock exo mage, Do you first land the MP/(or in case its AP in another cases) and THEN the x2 lock runes, or do you first land the +2 lock runes, and then try to exomage it more with the MP rune?
4. One last thing, regarding the 1st question. If what I said is true, maging the daggers to 100 would be possible, but as I still have 51 power, if I land ofc the x3 ra cha runes, while trying to land then, its not going to lower any other stats, right?
5. Some people said that to a Bearbaric Wedding Ring, its better to add 2 air resistances, or 4? cant remember, and then try to apply the AP rune, after getting it to how you wanted, is this true? He/she said that by doing this, then the AP fails, it tends to consume the resistances first, therefore losing less stats, is this true? is this how you AP exomage a BearWedRing? If its not too much to ask, how do you guys do it? biggrin t


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Hellow, I understand your questions.

As one of the best magus of the hispanic community and the best of my server I'll try to explain you.


1. You can Overmage chance to 90 Or str.. to 90, when you have the +sink of the range (Not sure about 100, I believe this could be ALMOST impossible or extremely hard, also other stats would be "not so good", Teorically,

It it fails with a let's say, a % resistance rune, It would be 51-6 = 45, So you get + 45 Sink for ya,
I'd recommend you to put range (PO) back, immediately, So you will know that what you get at the end of the maging won't be detroyed if the range fails. But if you have Really nice stats, the range fails and you put range back first, IT tends to NOT GO in "clean" so it takes all the sink..

Therefore, the answer would be you, YES you can.

2. that cloak has a malus of -11- to -15,, the Mp runes has a weight of 90. So teorically, you can do the following thing.

if you have the cloak with -11 and you put a +1 lock rune it will have -10 (that means 4 + 90 of the mp rune = 94)
You can put another lock rune and I'll be at -9 so (4 + 4 + 90 of the mp rune = 98) You CAN'T mage another
+lock Cuz It would be 98 + 4 = 102.

And the max you can exo/Over is 101 power.

3. If you have the balls to mage into an item that already has an exo do it, but it would be better if you just mage the +2 LOCK and then try the Mp rune. That way it will always fail the +2 lock (It will go to -15) and It will also take off some stats.

I believe it just does not worths it to put +lock on it,

4. If you have Sink left It won't fail the other stats.

5. With bearbs and as any exo. Just leave the Item with the stats you want, (If you are Exoing with Ap) Don't put anything As Over or exo and just land the rune, if you are Exoing with Mp you can overmage / Exo anything Under/Equal to 11 Power.

This means you can teorically Put a +1 Critical hits (it weights +10) and +10 iniative (+1) and Land an Mp rune (And it will go in, if you are lucky, 1% chance.

That's why you can find exos with +1Mp and +5 Critical resistance (Cuz the Critical resis weights +2) 5 * 2 = 10

90 + 10 = 100.

You can also Exo +110 initiative into an item plus the +Mp

Also with range you can Put +range and +5 critical resis (Actually it can be more, but that's almost impossible or extremely lucky, people that gets this is like those who win the lottery or something.

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