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Low level magus levelling

By Major-Tomtom#4285 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 01, 2015, 15:45:48
Since the update i decided to restart again on a different server, and I liked the new profession system a lot,
it allows me to level up all professions at the same pace as my own level, so I can make all my own stuff (that's why I started over).

However I don't see at all how i can keep up with my magus levels, the items i make to level my crafting professions aren't nearly enough to provide the xp for maging items. So my question is:

How do I level magus professions with only having low level professions, no rune stock or money to buy them?
Is it even possible? (It should be, it's the purpose of the update isn't it?)
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I have a very similar question. I decided to level up smithmagus, but.. each 1 power rune is giving me 1 exp? i mean i need around like 300-500 exp to level from 10-11 and i need 500 power 1 runes? how does this work? if this is true, its hella MUCH MORE HARDER to level magus..
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That's my point indeed.
You can never generate nearly enough runes with low lvl equipment to lvl maging like that...
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Essentially a 90% decrease in cost effectiveness and time spent leveling magus in the low levels at least. Unless you have around 450k runes to use I would not reccomend even bothering.
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Indeed, what part of this is "easier" to level to Ankama? Its way too hard to even level one level, plus all those runes, not even low level people can level a magus. This is not even easier for all people, its very, but VERY unbalanced. They should change this.
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I finished my carvmagus to 200 yesterday (started post 2.29). You can get better xp as you go through the levels of maging. You need to mage items as close to your magus level as possible, and change item every 10-15 levels. Some of the better more 'powerful' runes can give substantially more xp than others. Ideally, you're looking at using ra runes. If you can get a ra wis rune to take, there is a visible jump in the xp gauge. + summons work really well too.

I started my shoemagus yesterday, and it does seem particularly slow to progress at low levels. I vaguely remember thinking that by about level 40 it starts to speed up a bit.
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but for real, it takes around 300 success mages for me to level from 10-11? is that real? i mean for me to reach 200 its going to take more than 450k runes, MUCH more.. idk for real how you spent doing that. what level of shoemagus are you? how much time/runes did u spent for that level?
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The biggest issue for me is the low levels indeed:
the leveling goes faster as you get higher level magus, BUT at lower level you're not able to make many runes.
This is very contradictory. I guess I'll need to level my main professions higher at first so I can make enough runes to pass the first levels...

But pls ankama, help the noobs with the low levels of maging (by making it a bit faster)
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hahaha, indeed xD i may be a noob, but imagine other people that could be much more noober than me.. lol like people that cant even get subscription, etc .. its going to be hell for them.. even before it wasnt this hard lol after the update its like 100x more harder, but bah whatever. good luck on your maguses guys! cya
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get an equipment with with dmg option on it from 2-4 and jsut mage dmg as dmg rune gives the most experience, keep ur item clsoe to the magus level and u will get 200 magus in no time , well i got to admit that things chagne when u reach 160+ as items get more price and they cost more to buy to mag to get 200
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I just used pa wis/pp runes alone to get customage, shoemage, and jewelmage from 1-200. It's quick, and wis/pp runes are dirt cheap, so it didn't take much investment (the biggest investment was just buying things to mage).

Also, I used the smithmagic orbs to reset the item's stats after done leveling off of it (since I break every item's stats using this method xP) I used each item for about 10 levels
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