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Alchemy, healing pots?

By Kardiwen July 09, 2015, 20:53:01

Is it just me, or making the high end healing potions now is completely wrecked because of the new recipes?
I used to make fairy water for hp, as if the recipe wasn't hard enough, now it requires 2 blood soaked ground meat per potion.For those who have not notice, it is a lvl 80 hunter item that consists of 1 dragomeat and 1 dopple brain, for 1 item, but you need 2 of those (and even 1 would be insane)
So that pretty much means i have to become a hunter just to make this. To make things more exciting, the frikin dopple brain average price for one is 95 000 kamas, and you need TWO of these

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Yes and unlike cereal or plants, meats are dropped by monsters and not at a 100% rate a piece for every monster fought. Even further making crafting that Fairy Water more complicated, prolonging your anony before you can finally make it.

I guess for some people who had a habit of mass crafting and stocking up before the update, it's either enough to last them the rest of their dofus career or make big money with them.

Indeed its much more difficult now to mass craft items due to the recipes change requiring more ingredients for just about every item craft. It is rumoured that Ankama will see to it that recipes get changed *again* in the next major update to make certain crafted items as Revil-Nunor put it, "less onerous to craft". I do hope it be true, at least in my opinion, all the recipes now that require ground meat, fish juice, and concoctions need to be reduced. Make them all require 1 of each kind instead of 2-3 or 4. It will still keep what Ankama wants - discourage mass crafting - but make things a lot more manageable.

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It isn't a rumor, [Nerodos] has already publicly said that there will be more changes made in the next update.

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