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lvling profs

By shazattacks - SUBSCRIBER - July 13, 2015, 01:37:07

why is it harder to.......... and almost non existent to farm flowers and not get attacked by the DEVOURER? fisher is like every bloody 3-5 ..normal fishing spots .cmon ankama this is annoying...and also not fair...ive spent 3 hrs tonight and got only 1 and picked 1000+ edelweiss and not 1 devourer???? super frustrating.

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Pretty sure that was just bad luck on your part...protectors do still exist at the same rate for me.

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Farming for flowers feels like one of the hardest things to do for me. Out of all the harvesting professions at least. They are scattered literally everywhere and if they are in one spot they are in an aggressive area or in an area so well hidden almost no one knows about it unless they do some research... Heck sometimes I feel like there are more Snowdrop flowers than regular flowers, at least it feels like I can gather more at a faster rate even though I get 1/gathering.

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It was hard enough before with gathering professions with all the bots.
Now everybody can be gatherer and need to with all the stupid recipes.
At least before people having 3 professions gave others a chance with their profs.
All the prices are rubbish now not worth the time spent gathering and constant undercutting.
And as for making food now ,seems like it will take all day for a simple recipe for low level
food for a solo accounter to get about 500 bread or whatever.
Everywhere you go someone has just been there and gathered.
Forget the updates as it takes me a week to make money ,a week leveling.
With all the updates everyone's exploring new content instead of buying stuff it seems.
I liked this game because there is always something to do but its seeming
like a 3d anime online rpg atm ,kill 20,000 monsters gain 1 level due to the constant grind
of trying to make cash.Then waiting ages for a sale.
Also sick of needing a chance based character with 400 plus pp
just to get drop rate up,strength based its like 10% chance of dropping meat
which is unenjoyable,fight 1000 piwi to get 100 meat.
Also probably need like 10 mil on idols just to guarantee 1 drop per monster.
Cant even get rid of the so called 50 mil worth of resources in my bank
as they just stay in the market.Really don't see the point in the price checker
as it gives incorrect prices.

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gear up pp item and craft or lend idol drop rate will be better

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The Drop rates for the reciepes which u need to craft and lvl ur professions are so hard..And since monsters dont drop equipment (which isnt so bad thing, but the professions and drop rate system makes it hard) u need to craft ur stuff or make kamas. For a new player tho is so damn hard to obtain gear likee me i was lvl 40 with a lvl 10 set.. Plus handyman seems also hard to lvl , the incarnam reciepe aint bad but it gives so low exp till lvl 10..Now The Field key...sunflower petals dont drop easy and u need 10 petals and 10 dandelions for a key? its really hard to lvl that profession which is so necessary i tried to do the paddock reciepes aswell but the beach mobs dont drop easy their stuff also. Hope they change the drop rates at least to make it somehow easier

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I recently made a reddit post about the droprates being to low, but most people seemed to think that they are good.


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They are really low.. I believe that the ppl that think are good are 6 accounting...In wakfu Certain drops were like 100% drop rate and u used to lvl handy wakfu u get to drop keys aswell..... Here to lvl handyman at least to do dungeons..u need to spend years to max it now... i believe in the old dofus it was far easier than now...but now i start over here on rushu...i am wasting lot of time to drop mats ...wasted hours to get my handy from 10 to lvl 11... How i can do dungeons without wasting my kamas on keys... Farming for a year isnt funny..... Hope ankamy realise that the drops arent helping the professions and the new players to bother with them.. and decide to make a good change smile

latvaja|2015-07-28 22:08:00
gear up pp item and craft or lend idol drop rate will be better
For new , ungeared low lvl guys the idol system doesnt help much as u may get urself killed, since mobs doesnt drop gear or u cant make kamas easy, and u end up like lvl 50 with lvl 10 set smile 
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I'm with you bro, I don't agree with this update, I believe they changed so much the system..

I think there were other ways of killing bots.. but they just destroyed like 10 years of Research about the rune system and the fastest ways of lvling professions..

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