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Newbie. New to dofus, need help.

By Methampetamine August 28, 2015, 03:58:53

Well, I've been trying to figure stuff out ingame by reading some guides but sadly they are outdated. Like today, I was in the impression that baker and farmer was different professions. Now I've no where to refer to in leveling profession guides. Tried reading some posts too, but almost all of it are non-specific whether it is a guide for f2p or p2p. I've been trying to subscribe but unfortunately, payment methods aren't available in my region as per the reply I got from support tech.

That said...

[align=center]Question no.1 : I'm a 3-4days old dofus player, I don't know **** ingame and I need a profession that will at least keep me afloat in terms of money making. What is it?

Question no.2 : Given your answer to my question no.1, any guides on how to level them up?

Question.3 : I've also read some issues regarding bot problems, is it still rampant nowadays? Can you please guide me to a path profession where I would not clash with these cheats and give me a hard time grinding.

Question no.4 : Other than profession, any other kama generating techniques I should know for f2p? Much appreciated. Thanks..

Question no. 5 : I'm still thinking about what to ask next. hehe.

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Hey =), welcome to dofus, it sounds like you like chemistry because of your nickname ^.^

Erm, Im from Rushu, so im not sure if i will be able to help you but i will just try =)

Well, I am quite sure ankama is doing their job to ban bots, but new bots can be just found again and again. So Im afraid it is impossible to avoid them, like you would see them grinding on both professions and hunts.

I guess alchemist would be able to help you in your kamas problem? =) you would have to get to lvl 40 though to make recall potions

And you can probably try selling incarnam stuffs(the drops you get from fighting incarnam mobs)? or use them to lvl your crafting professions such as jeweller, shoemaker and tailor =)

and you can also compare the prices of equipments sold in market and the price of the materials needed to craft it, if you can earn profit from it, go ahead and craft it ^^, but always start with crafting only 1 of it, to see if it sells well

the equipments I have been selling were young adventurer set equips, gobball set equips, mental ring, fortifying ring, but some of the prices are dropping so... you have to prepare yourself for that too ^^

and erm... im not sure if this is a really important tips for you, but it would be nice if you can find it relaxing to play Dofus, if you cant, well... just take a break and do something else to chill before playing it again =)

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Try to start a gathering profession like miner or lumberjack, they are really good, and get some ores!
Definitely you should try to suscribe as I already told you before, biggrin 

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Thanks for the input @Darknessgunner.

My iop is now level 34 and professions :
I now have alchemy level 26 and farmer level 23.

Recall potions doesn't sell much tho, I wonder. And grinding is really a hassle since I there are so many people gathering herbs too ( suspecting they are bots since their names were pretty much look like the random tab from creating a character and they don't talk back and got no equips. )

Now, what else can I sell as an alchemist / farmer?

Yoh, @willy-llywi, have we met ingame? I really don't know about mining and lumber, i'll try it out, what items should I craft and aim for to sell at my level?

I rarely see any new player like me ingame, all low level I come by is bots. It s*cks.

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mmm... have you tried out hunter? Im not sure if the meat sells well, but u can always try ^^

and you could also try completing the quests in incarnam and astrub, achievements in dungeons(field, kardorim) if you have nothing else to do in dofus =)

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