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Removal of alchemic concoctions from the game

By Masoods-One - SUBSCRIBER - September 03, 2015, 17:55:40

Hi guys,

Apparently concoctions were added in 2.29 and that's when i recommenced playing the game and leveling my alchemy! now that they're removed, i have a whole load of concoctions that i cant sell or do anything with.

When removing the production/creation of a certain item from a game, it should become rare rather than completely useless. Change it to a misc resource, convert and give us back they're base materials or, at least, remove all concoctions from our bank and reimburse us with an reasonable amount of kamas. What am supposed to do with thousands of assorted concoctions?

I'm not 100% sure because i don't remember what i exactly had, but i'm pretty sure Ankama gave me some extra items when i recovered my account from a 7 year hiatus. This may be because Ankama removed things from my account that were no longer available in the current Dofus game. So if they did that then they can surely pay us back for the concoctions some how.

i was counting on the profits of my concoctions to buy better items and generally speed up my advancment in game. i am not a hardcore player, i play for fun and to relax and it is very disheartening seeing my work be for nothing.

i haven't checked what else has changed but is anyone else in a similar predicament? maybe with another profession?

Thanks guys.

EDIT: flour from the farmer profession has also been removed and i have alot of flour as well... sad

EDIT #2: fish juice from the fishing profession is gone as well. Aw mann...

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First Ankama intervention

Have you tried double-clicking on the useless items?

See message in context
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Have you tried double-clicking on the useless items?

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I have the same problem, I've got lots and lots of flours of all kinds and now I can't do anything with them, it'd be nice from Ankama if they could "refund" those by giving the items they were made with back.

Update: Should have read the other comment, my bad they already refund the items! ^^''

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