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Most Profitable Profession(s)

By Useprotection4 September 08, 2015, 12:58:57

Hey Guys,

The title kinda speaks for it'self, I am looking for the most profitable profession or set of professions.
I really don't care about how hard they are to level, just as long as they will eventually make big money in the long run, give me something to work towards.

Thanks xx

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I recommend starting with a gathering profession simply because when starting from nothing, you need something.
It's also good to point out that raw resources themselves don't generally sell well on their own. Rather you should aim to craft something from the materials you have gathered and expect to get less than the local average price on your server.

Lumberjack and Alchemist can make substrates. Substrates despite usually looking like a potion are crafted by the Lumberjack and uses materials from both the Lumberjack and the Alchemist professions- and are used in the crafting of Artifacts and Trophies.

You might consider leveling Artificer at some point, but I don't recommend it even as an option without some kind of decent income already.

Miner can make alloys or base resources for leveling the Smith profession.

Farmer is kinda meh right now.
When healing consumables deplete, people will have more of a demand of bread, potions, edible fish, and edible meat.
Right now however it seems there's enough(on solar) floating around in circulation that nobody cares right now.

Otherwise it comes down to having patience and waiting on something to sell.
Sometimes it can take days to sell. If you're aiming for the local average price you're probably never going to see a single kama from your listing.
Aim a little lower than average and have some patience, if it's something that get's consumed a lot it'll sell eventually.

There's always going to be someone who wants to buy a large number in bulk.
On that note if you're able to provide irregularly large numbers of even raw materials, some craftsmen are willing to pay more than the average price just to get that number of resource without the hassle of the market fluctuating prices or lack of stock available. If you're going to be a gatherer forming these relationships wont hurt as long as you don't break deals you agree to.

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