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Maging / ExoMaging Question

By Crazy-Thoughts-Of-A-Girl September 11, 2015, 04:29:36

Hi everyone, below is a link to an exomaged piece of gear.
MushMush Wedding Ring Link

I've been baffled as to how this is possible and I've looked all over the place in search of how to exomage negative stats onto an item and the purposes of doing so?
Does the negative exomaging add more sink into an item to allow easier positive exomaging? (Regardless of whether or not the item receives more sink I would still like to know how it is done)

If anyone can please help with this I would be very grateful, thanks.

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The effects given by the mushmush wedding ring were changed in a recent update. Old rings retain the stats they had pre-update (including negative ones), but because these stats are no longer found naturally on the rings in their current iteration, they are considered 'exomages'.
Example of a new ring:

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I see. Well that's a bit disappointing but thanks for the info capslok.
Just returned to dofus a week ago and never seen something like it before and it makes complete sense.

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