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[Rushu] Profession service

By Eoxxx September 18, 2015, 06:57:55


On server Rushu I am offering profession service. I have almost all professions level200, including all maguses, except Shoemaker - LVL187 currently. (I will update this when shoemaker is level 200, butuntil shoemaker isn't lvl200 it is FREE for crafts that give any XP. )

So if you ever need a craft or a mage done and you can not find anyone, you are welcome to check if I am online ( IGN: Ox-Lime) .

My tax depends on the situation, usually it is 40-50kk per item maged and 40-50kk for crafts (not for each craft, but for profession use, for example - if you have 1 amulet that needs to be crafted - it will be 50kk, but if you have 100 amulets that needs to be crafted and you craft them all at once, it will still be 50kk; tips are appreciated x]; another situation - you craft one amulet now and want to craft another after an hour - it will be 2 separate crafts and will cost you to craft each separately, unless you craft them both at the same time ).

For weapon attack element change - 20-30kk, if only smithmagic potions or smithmagic potions and orb is used, the same price is for maging a hunting rune on a weapon, if it includes only maging with hunting runes or hunting runes and orbs.

I might be busy in game from time to time, but still you are welcome to ask me for a craft. ^^

When asking for a craft or mage, please state it in the first message - which profession, which workshop (bonta/brak etc.). Sometimes it causes a confusion, where I am needed to go or IF I am needed to go somewhere. I mostly hang out in Bonta, just so you know ^^.

Also, if you find another crafter, after contacting me - please, let me know!

The payment is taxed at the same time when craft is done, not after( I have been scammed like this for enough times to fail to trust people any more ^^' ).

The tax is almost always negotiable!

I hold the right to refuse to craft for rude and impolite customers. Such customers might end up in my enemy list.

For Thanatos guild members crafts and mages are always FREE. ^^


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