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where are the new gold mines?

By FrozenWolf October 02, 2015, 00:57:26

Hey guys .. my main is a level 200 miner, and I went in search for some gold ore and couldn't find any in my normal locations.. I searched the wiki and apparently they moved gold veins? I rode the rail way many times and got loads of ore but only found about 3 veins :/.. then I went to do smith dungeon ( the last room used to be filled with gold ore) but now it's bronze and silver :/.. so anyone know where I can get some gold?

Help is much appreciated, and I thank you in advance

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The amount of gold in game has been reduced significantly, from about 225 before to about 40. So that would explain why it's more difficult to find now. Perhaps this map will be be of use: Click here

You can use the filters to see just the ores or any other resources you might be interested in. If you do find the new locations, feel free to update the wiki as well, the resource location pages could really benefit from being updated.

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