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Lumberjack got trashed?

By Pablotheloko - SUBSCRIBER - October 09, 2015, 00:10:39

I had a level 100 lumberjack before the 2.9 update and i used to make tons of kamas on grove essences, but after these profession changes, i can't find a good way to profit with my level 200 lumberjack anymore, any ideas?

Bonus question: I have also a level 200 alchemist and a level 200 farmer, is it possible to create healing items without monster grinding? because the resources that were removed from the npcs are so hard to drop now, you need to kill tons of monsters just to get 10 of them...

I feel like all the primary professions got gutted, i also have a 200 miner and the reduction on the number of some resources like gold and silver really messed with me.


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Dude I have no clue, it's so hard to make kamas nowadays on your own it's insane. Before I could get some Aspen Wood and other things quite fast and now I'm lucky to find Aspen Wood in frigost. No idea, these professions changes are quite harsh to say the least.

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It's almost impossible to just solely work on professions yourself now a days. It's pretty sad, professions were my favorite aspects of the game so it's sad to see them in the state. Removing the items npcs sold and adding monster drops or stuff from other professions really makes it difficult to be self sufficient, especially if you only run one character or are a lower level.

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