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Newbie questions

By Freakdulake1 November 06, 2015, 00:59:21

Hello guys.

First of all i am new to Dofus it's my second day, I noticed that equipment dosn't drop like in Wakfu, you can either make it or buy it. i am new and i have 3 characters biggrin buying it would be too expensive.

I am went on and lvld a few profesions such as Jeweler, lumberjack, miner, carver, shoe maker, tailer. and i am wondering if i am doing this right, should i lvl them always and create my own equipment ?

Does the dungeons drop eqipment maybe ?

If there is another way or i am doing it wrong please tell me as i am slightly confused.

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I think most people, including myself, just buy the equipment. Making them yourself would be easier, but it takes a long time to level up those professions. Unlike Wakfu, dofus has a system where you can invite people to your workbench. This means they can put in the resources, and the craftsman will make the item without the possibility of being scammed. You just need to find someone able to craft it for you, but that ain't all that hard if you're on an active server. If you like the challenge and hard work, though, by all means go for it.

edit: and no, dungeons don't really drop gear either.

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Gear drop was removed (or almost removed) so don't actually expect any.

You can easily level your crafting professions to L50 or about, as it takes just one same level craft to make to the next level. By then you should probably join some guild and focus on 1-2 professions while getting friendly crafts from your guildmates. Or find some market niche to earn enough kamas to buy stuff. It's actually pretty cheap until L100.

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