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Profession experience calculator?

By Darn#9768 - SUBSCRIBER - July 09, 2016, 06:24:51
In the old system, each recipe gave a static amount of experience, so it was easy to determine how many crafts of a certain type were needed to reach a given level.

How about the new system? I would like to help my friend level his Hunter, but I don't know how much meat to give him at each level. For example, how much Rotten Meat to get him from Level 20 to 30; then, how much Contaminated meat to get him from Level 30 to 40.

If anyone knows how the profession experience curve in 2.30 and up actually works, or can link me to a profession calculator (I haven't been able to find an updated one), it would be much appreciated.
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Hey, I know this is kind of an old post, but I recently got back into the game and this topic also had me scratching my head. As far as I know, there still isn't an XP calculator for this yet, so I decided to take a look at some of the numbers. Comparing the XP of my lvl 132 Jeweler recipes to a lvl 1 Jeweler I figured out *roughly* how much experience drops per level. I also looked at some of the other crafting professions and the numbers generally seem to fit.

Current Profession Level - Recipe Level = x % Experience

0 = 100.0%
1 = 91.0%
2 = 82.0%
3 = 75.0%
4 = 68.5%
5 = 63.0%
6 = 58.0%
7 = 54.0%
8 = 50.0%
9 = 47.0%
10 = 44.0%
11 = 41.5%
12 = 39.0%
13 = 37.0%
14 = 35.0%
15 = 33.5%
16 = 32.0%
17 = 30.5%
18 = 29.0%
19 = 28.0%
20 = 27.0%
30 = 19.1%
40 = 14.7%
50 = 12.0%
60 = 10.0%
70 = 8.5%
80 = 7.5%
90 = 6.5%
100 = 5.8%
101 = 0.0%

For example, if I wanted to craft a lvl 131 Lord of the Rat's Ceremonial Ring as a lvl 132 Jeweler,
I would gain roughly 91% of the experience (2381 xp) that a lvl 131 Jeweler would gain (2620 xp).

I'm an art major, so figuring out a tidy formula is beyond my ability to math.

Here's a handy graph for the visual learners among you:

So in order to solve your meat problem, you would have to:
1. Break down how much xp you need to get from level to level. (I think there is a chart on the wiki)
2. Multiply the base xp of the meat by the above percentages for each of the 9 levels above it.
3 Divide each level in step one by the number in step two to get the number of meat for that level.
4. Add the 10 levels of meat together to get the amount of each type of meat you would need.

Which sounds super tedious to me, so if you anyone out there wants to take a crack at it, please share.
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I can't figure out a proper formula for that either!

0 = -0%1= -0% -9% (-9)2= -18% (-9)3= -25% (-7)4= -31.5% (-6.5)5= -37% (-5.5)6= -42% (-5)7= -46% (-4)8= -50% (-4)9= -53% (-3)10= -56% (-3)11= -58.5% (-2.5)12= -61% (-2.5)13= -63% (-2)14= -65% (-2)15= -66.5% (-1.5)16= -68% (-1.5)17= -69.5% (-1.5)18= -71% (-1.5)19= -72% (-1)20= -73% (-1)
Above are what's taken away each level you gain, followed by (the number in brackets) what the difference is to the previous level, it may be because I am untrained, but I am unable to find any reliable pattern in those numbers sad 
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I'm about to start on a profession leveling grind on some of the ones I have been neglecting. I'll track from 1-200 and get as much data as I can. Anyone know if theres a prof that has a craft at every level? If so, I'll start with that one.

Quick edit: I did more profs than I thought, lowest level I can start at is 60 the way I'm doing this, I might redo a prof from 1-60 on an alt to get the specific data I want from it.
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You could try tailor or something similar? There may be a few levels without pieces of equipment, but if we can work a formula out then we should be able to find numbers for them, too.
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I suspect it is just like the experience curve for player characters in that there is no formula, there are manually chosen numbers. In fact, I had a post about that a long time ago about how many things in game could be made to look nicer with only minor tweaks to the numbers, the xp curve was one of them.

As for professions with crafts at every level, Jeweler is one of them unless I messed up while checking, and is the one I intend to use.
The (specific) data I intend on getting is the xp of every craft listed in the recipe book that is possible at that level, for each level of the profession. There might be a subtle way this makes sense that I can't see with just the data above.
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Got a link to that post? Would be nice to have a read of it smile 
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Huh, I thought I had gone into detail about some of the other math in the game that could be tweaked without changing the end result, but making it "nicer" along the way, but I apparently stopped for whatever reason with the xp curve.

Anyhow, here's that thread

Back on topic: I might be a bit delayed with the profession thing. Less time to spend in game due to other commitments, but I'll give people an update when I have the data. If it works like the above does though, there's no formula that will fit the data, its a bunch of magic numbers.
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If it is a bunch of magic numbers, what do you reckon made the devs decide on those numbers in particular?
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The character xp is a bunch of magic numbers. I haven't determined it to be the case for profession xp, but I do suspect it to be.

As for what caused those numbers in particular to be chosen, I can speculate all I want, it doesn't change the fact of what it is.

My theory: The devs wanted the early levels to be faster than the later ones and just started picking some values.
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Hi all,

This sort of thing really interests me, so I've gone ahead and created a rough Profession Experience Calculator in Excel. You can view the workbook here - click File > Download as to download an editable copy.

Just to explain how this all works:
  • The boxes with a white fill and black outline should be completed with your Current level, Target level and Level of item being crafted (all fairly self-explanatory);
  • You will be immediately told whether you can reach the Target XP using the level of item you've entered - a NO will be displayed if you are (a) not a high enough level to craft the item or (b) the craft will yield 0 XP at some point between your Current level and Target level, otherwise a YES will be displayed;
  • The Highest level disparity will then be shown - this is the difference between your Current level and Target level, and is necessary to calculate the...;
  • Cumulative average modifier - this gives you the average modifier (ie reduced XP due to the discrepancy between your current level and the level of the item being crafted), and uses the rough figures provided above by MackinChanics;
  • This Cumulative average modifier is then multiplied by the True XP per craft (ie how much XP the craft would give if the level disparity was 0) to give you the Average XP per craft, which finally gives you the...;
  • Number of items to craft - which is what DiabloMid was originally asking for!

If you guys could have a play around and let me know your thoughts (importantly, is it reasonably accurate?), that would be brilliant!

Once I've got some feedback, I'll spruce it up and share it more widely.


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