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Guidance on maging professions :(

By RedComedian#9107 - SUBSCRIBER - November 16, 2016, 06:18:58
Can anyone give me guidance on maging professions or link me to helpful non outdated resources? Id really appreciate it as it is quiet complicated trying to understand what is +-sink and what runes should you be applying to what items.


Sidenote: Are there any active community forums besides this one and impsvillage?
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The wiki is up to date -Click here
scroll down to see power for each rune per a stat
max over mage is 101 power
so for example if I lose a +range on a item (power 51 )and then put it back on with out losing anything(a crit success) It will give +51 sink
so if I wanted to then overmage vit with ra vit runes(+50 to vit)I can see from wiki each point of vit =0.2 power so 50 vit =10 power
so with my 51 sink I can try then 5 ra vit runes without losing any stats
if you can keep track of how much power each rune is you use this can be helpful
like if you crit an mp(90 power) or ap(100 power) back on a item that it fell off
you will have a lot of power (+sink)to play around with
this is how ppl exo 4%earth res on item through maging it and keep trying until they get a crit with puting back on the ap/mp on the item
then spam the res% runes and keep doing this until they get the desired result

So say I make a ring and it rolls crappy I can still mage it to near perfect
and I will still have 101 power max over mage which if you check wiki would be 10 ini (0.1 per a stat)
and 1ap(100 per a stat)
A friend of my exo a ring with +1 crit(10 power)and 1mp (90 power) and near perfect normal stats
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Check out the maging videos on Dofus Reflex's YouTube channel.

Start with: Updated English Dofus Maging Guide
Then go to: Dofus Kama Making Guide (it's about how to make kamas maging)
Follow with: Kama Making Guide 2
And enjoy this maging master class: Exo Maging and Kolo

He has a few more, but I'll leave you to explore his channel as you learn.

Dofus Reflex is a brilliant Mage teacher. He combines both the most advanced and really crystal clear step-by-step instructions on maging. His method is easy and solid.

I just began maging for the first time...and *wow* what a jump-start these videos gave me. I had despaired of ever figuring out the most basic things about maging after 4+ years in Dofus.

Then *snap* these videos had me racking up the levels wicked rapidly. In days I caught up with my prof lvl in Tailor. Shocked me~!

Do yourself a favor: Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 Kamas. Go straight ahead and land on Dofus Reflex's videos!

See you soon, soon-to-be Master Magi!
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