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Is maging a negative stat higher easier than an exo?

By Swauve - SUBSCRIBER - November 17, 2016, 21:39:27
I'm thinking of maging my bubotron hat to be +0 range, how hard is that to do than say maging an exotic range on an item with 0 range to begin with? Is it even possible? Helps appreciated.
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I have to say This is a grey area for me. I do not mage things. But as far as I know it is harder to get something new on a item than when there already is that stat on said item (Exotic mage and Overmage). The base stats matter when you look at this. Lets say : You have a adventure set item. The cape (Why? Because capes are Awesome (Also Edna No Go watch for Awesomeness!)) Sorry went of track.. Any way ! the stats are :
4 to 5 Chance,4 to 5 Strength, 4 to 5 Agility, 4 to 5 Intelligence and 2 to 3% Critical. It is much easier to increase lets say Chance to 10 than to get a 5 increase of wisdom on this item since there is no wisdom originally. Here is the fault many people make. Exotic mage is creating a new stat on a existing item like Wisdom on this cape. Overmage is creating more of a already existing stat on a item like the int on this cape. As far as I know - is the same as + So lets say your Amulet has a base of -1 range than increasing the range is less hard than creating a new stat. The chance you have of getting the stat on the item depends on many things which I do not know but the Wikipedia page of Mage has all the information you are looking for. This is by No means a Go do this or that because I have no experience in this field. I just wanted to give a short answer meanwhile you wait for a explination or explore your self the wonders of maging smile 
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Well negative stats only count as half the normal power
so range normal power is 51 so it would be 25.5
I would say it would take maybe 30-40 tries on avg to mage off the -range but that is a guess
it is possible and should be easier than adding a range to an item that does not have one to begin with
if you are the mage go on beta and do a few tries.
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The range you mage onto it will count toward your maximum range exomage bonus(max 1 ap, 1 mp, 1 range). It is possible to do what you're asking, but it's pretty difficult because it is like overmaging a range and it seems to be a 1% chance of getting the range on without dropping any stats. You can get the range on while dropping stats, but that will cost a lot of stats since the range power is so high
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All wrong.

AP runes have a 1% chance of sticking.
MP runes have a 3% chance of sticking.

Mathematically, Range (with only 51 power instead of 90/100) should have a better chance sticking than the MP.

Will try that out today, will be posting results.
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Mp runes are 3%? Where did you get that? Any source?

I personally have heard somewhere that ap/mp/range are exceptional stats which are made 1% by default, while other stats don't really have a known % value except for the fact that the more sink power the rune has the less chance for landing it has.

And on practice both ap and mp runes have about equal chance for landing, no way mp can land x3 times better than ap :I (or else I wouldn't have wasted like 103 mp attempts on mp exo allister ring...)
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But Late to reply but whatever

AP and mp are the same chances of landing

A negative stat range is just as bad as an EXO, and still count towards the 1 Ap MP Ra exo limit.

Negative stats do I'm fact take half power....Up to the point of if the rune you're using would bring it to 0 or higher. So a range is still 51 unless you are maging something with -2 range.
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