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By November 28, 2016, 13:56:57

Hi.Im back to dofus after about 1 year . Trying to find way to make some kamas,and heres my question. Is artificer worth lvling it and is it hard or expensive to do it? I figured out that everyone using idols so probably it can be good way to earn kamas.Any tips would be nice smile 

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You can definitely make money with artificer but it's probably the most expensive profession to level. Ever since they changed crafting xp to be based of the level of an item instead of how many slots it became even worse to level. That's because 99% of shields are level 1 and won't be useful to help you level past like level 10. This only leaves idols and trophies to craft for artificers in order to level up, the majority of which require pebbles, which will cost you a lot of money when you need sparkling/mahogany pebbles at the later levels.

I'm still hoping they'll do major changes to shields in the future and maybe make them level based so that artificer isn't so expensive, but if such a thing happens it doesn't look like it will be soon. So I would not recommend you choose artificer to level because it will probably take a long time to make the money back that you invest into it in order to get to 200.

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