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How to drop stats in maging? HELP

By thefiestiamoche - SUBSCRIBER - December 26, 2016, 04:52:52

So I'm trying to mage an item and to make it have good stats I first drop a stat like AP/MP/Range/Summon
and then remage hoping for crit then mage using any sink left.

Is there a good way or trick to drop the AP/MP/Range/Summon? Currently I am just maging stats near normal and just hoping that range drops. However, that seems super inefficient and tedious. Should I try to overmage and cause the AP/MP/Range/Summon to drop that way? Thanks

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Just try to mage the item perfectly and it will naturally drop at some point. For me, forcing the high sink stat to drop via over/exomage is much more inefficient than just trying to improve other stats while hoping some high sink stat drops. The high sink stat is more likely to drop if you try to mage something with a lot of sink (close or equivalent to the one you are trying to drop).

By good stats, do you want to mage all the stats near perfection or are you trying to overmage some stat while maintaining good stats? I usually just try to crit success when all the other stats are max, trying to drop a high sink rune wasn't efficient for me.

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