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Help! Just Returned...Cannot Find "Prof. Runes" in Inventory

By Dunveganz#8684 - SUBSCRIBER - March 30, 2017, 01:33:15
Back after a hiatus...and the new rules say our high-professional achievements are leveled-down, but (!) a pop-up tells as I log in again says, "Worry not, just apply the 'Profession Runes' to the new professional reshuffle."

I had zero trouble re-upping my spells, etc. But "Profession Runes?"

Fine, dandy...I was a maxed-out Alchemist, and pretty advanced in a couple other professions, and now I've opened every possible "openable" window, and navigated down every right-clickable player window I have...but "Profession Rune" to be found!

So I turn to the "real experts"...the player community.

Are the folks at Dofus pulling my leg again? If anyone can direct me to the right path to find my promised proff. runes, or set me straight...I'd so very much appreciate it!
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Did you check if u still have any stuff like veteran rewards at the char selection screen wich you still have to transfer into a characters inventory of your choice? They could be there but im not sure
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Prof runes can be found in the usable inventory.
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Thanks, in a second-account player inventory I hadn't touched the runes were quickly found in the "Usable" menu.

How I had blown it on my primary account was when I logged in for the first time, I found I'd left my character loaded with loot and she couldn't run. So, naturally, first thing I do I a "select all" and dump everything into the bank. And, that's where the "Profession Runes" were.

Now, if you think I was finished with messing up my old character, not hardly: Because I'm still considering which exact schweet schwag + subscription package to buy, like a buffoon, I used those 200 lvl. runes on my main character before subscribing. Which, when used by a non-subscriber, only level to 60. :*(

I'm almost ready to quit before I begin...last question: Can someone who's used their old high-value runes prior to subscribing see that lvl. 60 cap come off once you activate paid membership?

Or have I permanently stunted my three 200 lvl. professions? Tnx!
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it will be lvl 200 after you subscribed.
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Let me know if this worked, please, am interested
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Okay! Here's the ride about re-subscribing *after* you use the Profession Runes on unsubscribed old high-lvl characters:

1. I have two 4 year old character accounts. Each have 2 "200 lvl" professions.

2. I came back to Dofus after a year's hiatus.

3. I logged in to both character accounts *before* subscribing (because I was still pondering which goodies were the most hansom via subscription package) and saw the professions were zeroed out.

4. Still unsubscribed, I looked at the wiki for "Professional Runes" and it only said "Use to regain old profession lvls." Didn't say anything about subscription status.

5. So, I use all those Profession Runes on all my characters and their professions, while unsubscribed.

6. Ooops! Unsubed characters have a "60 lvl" cap!

7. Nao...I subscribe both high lvl characters...(geesh, they haz some nifty schwag available these days at Amanka!)

8. Drat! I go right to look at my characters, both are instantly subscribed with all areas available, yadda yadda the usual...*but* all their professions remain at lvl 60.

9. I criez. :*(

10. Next day...after a *server update* (yaz, a server update, kidz!) I log in to both characters again...and...VOILA! All, yez, ALL of my professions are back to the old achievement levels of 200!

There is my adventure with leveling up professions before subscribing. Although Amanka came through, and this didn't turn out to be some horrifying bug fest fought out with Tech Support, it did werk outz in da end. (But I don't recommend doing this. I advise if you're going to subscribe after a long time away, sub first...then use those runes for your old high lvl characters~)

k...tnx 4 all yr helpz! bai!
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In fact i did it too but i had no bug at all and i didnt had to wait for updates or something. I just worked as it should.
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Sterntaler|2017-04-03 13:47:02
In fact i did it too but i had no bug at all and i didnt had to wait for updates or something. I just worked as it should.

Yep...Werked xcellently!

I know they get a lot of complaints, but this time I want to give a shout-out to the Dofus Team for crafting a "bug-free" re-entry for my characters into the game...tnx y'all, great werk! tongue 
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