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What's a good prof to make money these days?

By takshi#7080 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - July 21, 2017, 09:49:49
Returning after 4+ years of playing. I'm not completely new so already have maxed farmer and miner. Where would I go from there?
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All the gathering proffesions can make money but not tonnes and tonnes. Anything that you can make money with generally everyone else is doing too and that makes them lose thier worth quickly.

As you can now have all profs on 1 char just do everything, alchemey and lumberjack can work well together as you can gather at the same time.

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Currently resources are the best to make money.

Everyone is leveling profession and they search for resources on market.

Crafted items level low are in a bad moment, the prices are falling maybe because of the facility to raise level of characters.
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Selling items that are worth a lot, and that are sold easily, something that people want to use a lot, like Recall Potions lol, good luck finding the right item/ressource[s]  smile 
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Go for alchemist next as most farmer recipes need alchemist resources. Fisherman too, fish sells for a decent price which is pretty much profitable. Or if you are willing to make an investment then go for jeweller/magus. Get to level 60 on both and make ap/mp gelanos they go for like 1-1.5mk each and cost like 400kk each to make.
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