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Leveling Professions

By Dragoon912#8952 - SUBSCRIBER - August 07, 2017, 03:12:02
Is there anyway to get other people to gather resources and I make things for them so I can get exp in my profession and they get a free piece of gear? I guess what I'm asking is if it's a common thing and do people trust someone to do that for them?
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Oh yeah, quite a lot people do that. 
It is really safe too since you can share a workbench with the player so they don't have to give you the resources directly.
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Generally this is what happens in the game. But you really want to have the proffesion in question to be over 100, even closer to 200 would be better.

<200 do crafts for free and lvl 200's charge for the craft.

On your proffesion screen you can list yourself so your displayed to the rest of the server.
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What's the best way to "sell yourself?" Should I just send a msg in game and wait for replies or is there a place in the forums to start a thread for it? 
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many many proff low lvl want free xp
many many proff low lvl offre free craft
but not many ppl need low lvl equip
ppl search free xp in chat, but not many ppl have mat for craft or not want craft

anyway gl lvling proff
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