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Question about maging

By ApfelBaum#2695 - SUBSCRIBER - August 12, 2017, 01:12:46
I've only recently gotten into maging. I have a question about rune choice. When overmaging, (lets say you dropped 1 AP, got 99 sink, fixed the stats for 29 sink, and used 30 sink worth of vit runes), when would you use PA vit runes, and when would you use RA vit runes? I've heard rumors that lower lvl runes are less effective the higher you go, but it also seems unlikely I will land a RA vit on a gelano with 165 vit already on it. I guess my question is, are there theoretical maximums to which you can overmage a stat, and if so, is the limit related to the max of the natural stat, or the total stat? (for example, "the maximum vitality you can have on any item is 400"). 

Right now I'm leaning more towards the first option because of how you can see trends on the market. For example usually the best you can find is a 180 vit gelano. However I have, very rarely, seen 190-195 gelanos. Now that I think about it im confused again cause that would be an exo-mage. PLS HELP. No need for super specific answers, just looking for some general info. Sorry for rambling, its late.
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I am sometimes got confused over this too. Is it trend of maging or specific restriction like the question above state. Can someone help?
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the maximum vitality any item can have is determined by the items base stat.
If a 600 vit item gets released you could mage up to 600 on that item.
The maximum overmage in vitality is 505 so you could overmage any item to 505 vit with luck needed depending on the items base vit.

Maximum luck 505 vit gelano scenario : you hit 2 vit runes 3 pa vit runes and 9 ra vit runes and don't lose the ap resulting in 505vit 1ap
scenario 2:you lose the ap hit 3 pa vit runes 9 ra vit runes, you hit 2 very hard vit runes (495vit-505vit) and return the ap 

Those scenarios require more luck then winning the lottery tho,twice
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