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Breeder: Mount naming nerfed in 2.43? [fixed in patch]

By Pauven#8080 - SUBSCRIBER - September 07, 2017, 03:48:39
So while keeping track of my mount breeding, I tend to name each mount a specific way so I can find them quickly in my personal spreadsheet, and know at a glance exactly what kind of mount genetics I'm dealing with. I can't be the only one that does this, right? I would assume it's a common way to handle breeding.

So earlier today I was pretty confused when I got some new babies, named them, and the name wasn't assigned. I tried and tested a few more times, and it turns out that we can no longer use a hyphen ( - ) or any numbers in our mount names.

So for example, a mount being named ABC-123-DEF was allowed a few days ago (and I have a few of these lying around), and today I would have to write ABConetwothreeDEF to get anywhere close to the same effect. Can someone tell me if I'm just out of my mind and doing something wrong somehow? Or was naming mounts really nerfed? If so, would anybody have any ideas why? I was debating making a bug report, but who knows, maybe I'm missing something, so hopefully someone has some insight to what's going on here smile

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I believe it should be fixed now, according to this Tweet.
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Ah perfect smile Thanks for telling me!
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