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Im bad at makin money :/

By lmfea#3438 - SUBSCRIBER - December 25, 2017, 21:54:30
So im a 190+ Iop with serveral professions in 200. Ive quited for a year or two and now i started again and ive no idea how to earn money except tryin to sell doploons. Ive friends who make several Mk on weekly basis by buyin and sellin items. I need kamas to buy sets etc so maybe can anyone here help me with a fool-proof way to earn kamas at a decent rate?

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If you have several professions at level 200 you are at a good start, you can craft items now, and then, after some practice, you could mage such items and sell them for millions of kamas.
Aaaaand you're going to probably hate me for this, but making money in Dofus is sooo boring in my opinion, if I were you I'd rather pay real money and not worry about working in the game, which takes away from the fun. If you spend money on entertainment like the cinema, junk food, etc, you can also spend occasionally here.
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