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Alchemy Money Making

By IllusiveEnergy#6797 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 02, 2018, 09:42:04
Hey guys! I'm just getting started with Alchemy but there's so much stuff you can craft!

I'm curious what stuff sells well, it doesn't need to be anything early I just need help knowing what sells when I get there.

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Recalls sell for a lot, but they do require a lot of ingredients for 100. My suggestion is to sell in 10's as that is more affordable for most players instead of selling in 100's.
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Really? I bought always 200. 10 would last for half an hour.  I'd sell them in 100's
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Harder to make recalls than old days. Sage is spread out fairly thinly. Harder to gather in volume. At early levels I sell in 10s.
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Recalls. Everything else is garbage money until you can make perc pots
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