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Maging AP Onto a Guild Shield or an Alliance Shield How-To Request

By Dunveganz#8684 - SUBSCRIBER - April 13, 2018, 00:17:23
I'm relatively new to maging (lvl 20) but I'm interested in a step-by-step to maging AP onto either a Guild or Alliance Shield.

1. Should I wait to try this until I am a very high lvl magus? About what lvl makes sense? Both shields are lvl 1 equipment with zero stats.

2. Since both Guild and Alliance shields have zero stats, do I need to add some sort of stat for a sink before I attempt to add AP to these shields? If so, how much/what kind of sink should I put on the shield before I try to land an AP on the shield?

3. How many AP runes should I have on hand before trying this?

4. Anyone who's a maging wizard at this: could you please give a blow-by-blow of what you did (both success and failures are interesting.)

5. Anyone interested in teaching me how to do this, please contact "Dunvegan" in-game via private msg or mail. It would be most appreciated. I'd be happy to gift to you the Guild or Alliance shield you use to teach me with. Many tnx!
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1. Magus level has no effect on maging, it only determines what items you can mage. So no, you don't have to wait.
2. Possible. Not sure if this is a better way than trying to crit AP but it sounds like it is. Try landing a summon rune, then drop it, then go AP. I'd still go #fullyoloapezpz tho.
3. Completely depends on your luck. I remember landing an mp rune on the first try on a level 1 wand. You can just buy 10 by 10 while maging, no need to stock before.
4 and 5. Here is the best possible English source on maging you can find online.

Good luck ♥
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2. No. AP, MP and range exos can only land on a critical success. Summon exos seems to land on critical successes too, but I can't say they will only land on a critical success (never happened to land on a normal success for me though). Critical successes do not need a sink source.
If you do manage to get a summon exo on your shield, you will not be able to use an AP rune. That's because the maximum overmage or exo you can get is a value of 101 sink on an item. A summon is worth 30 sink and an AP is worth 100, so the interface won't even allow you to press the button.

I hope that wasn't too late and you didn't summon exo a shield only to find out you can't use an AP rune. Also you should AP exo a sunflower shield with 3% crit. It's more expensive, but at least you get 3% crit too!
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