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By Theoran#5094 - SUBSCRIBER - April 15, 2018, 12:24:42
Sooo I am planning to get my hunter to level 200 on all my alts and so I looked for information about leveling etc and decided that having it all in 1 sheet would be really handy. To be able to see perfectly what I need to get to what level and so on. So I made an Excel sheet !

Hunter XP Excel sheet

Just fill in the red text and Bam it will calculate how much meat you need, Below the whole thing is an easy overview of how much meat you need for every 10 levels. Every 10 levels one gets a new meat to work on.

The only thing I am uncertain about is how Dofus handles xp that goes below 0. Like at lvl 2 you will get 18,2 xp which is not a round number. Does Dofus remember the ,xp? Since I am uncertain I made it so that the sheet only works with round numbers which means that you will almost always get too much meat needed to level up. If anyone knows please let me know smile

Updated the Excel sheet on 19 april. I made it so that it calculates more accurately what you need for the next levels. See explanation below
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omg thanks man I had one made up for the old hunter to track ingredient requirements
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You're welcome. I do suggest downloading the newest version. I made a pretty big change which will allow it to calculate better. 

The change is:

To get from lvl 1 to 2 you need 20 xp and meat gives 20 xp which means that you need 1 meat
To get from lvl 2 to 3 you need 40 xp and meat gives 18,4 xp which means that you need 3 meat.

Now the old excel used to just not take into calculation that one already had some xp left from the previous level which it now does. It changes from here.

Old: To get from lvl 3 to 4 you need 60 xp and meat gives 16,4 xp which means that you need 4 meat.
New: To get from level 3 to 4 you need 46 xp and meat gives 16,4 xp which means that you need 3 meat.

Over time this becomes big ;p Should have used this sooner Ugh.

Everything should work now?
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