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PLS HELP - Profession Transfer

By hemyani#8441 - SUBSCRIBER - November 18, 2018, 17:19:56

I have several professions maxed on one of my characters. But this character is low level and I want to move my professions from my low level character to my higher level character in the same account... is this possible?

PLS reply here or PM me in game IGN: Snubbull, Server: Echo

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Sorry, currently there is no way to transfer professions from one char to another, not even within the same account. Unless Ankama decides to include that as a service in the shop, you'll have to repeat all the grinding on the other char once again.
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Not Possible atm. During the profession revamp, all profession was transformed into gem and can be transferred/use by different characters in the same account. This allowed my low level character profession (miner) to be transferred to my main gatherer using charc

Not possible atm. It was possible at one point during profession revamp.
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  1. There never was.
  2. That does not exist.
  3. That will never happen.
  4. And that's good.
(though, from Ankama nothing is impossible anymore)
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Professions should be shared between all characters you have on the same account as long as they're on the same server, which I've already suggested long ago.

I can't be signed up for the books since my proffs are on a character I no longer use, and I don't feel like investing (wasting) time/kamas to re-level them on different characters.

Last I remember, Nerodos told me that the main reason why it isn't already like that, is because there are profession achievements... as if people would choose those few achievements over being able to use their proffs on any character.
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