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Leveling Professions is too hard on most servers

By JaySecret#2479 - SUBSCRIBER - January 23, 2019, 00:22:33
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giessentje|2019-01-23 11:06:59

I can't remember how I made money as a beginner 11 years ago. I think I just earned a lot of money by just progressions through the game. Earning doploons by killed dopples and trading them for scolls + mining was the way to go back in the days for me. 

This is a really good point. While the availability of resources and other factors can be changed by the game-makers, ultimately it's up to the players in the game to find out where they fit in and what role they play on their server which can be profitable to them. I remember souling Gobball Dungeon repeatedly with friends back when dungeons were always 8-loot, farming for hours and making as much Wholemeal bread as I could to sell. Finding out that the market in Brakmar was better to sell it (back when the markets were separate) and sneaking into the city even though I was Bontarian to sell my bread.

To the original poster:
There's always a way to have fun and make money. If you're stuck, ask some of your in-game contacts for suggestions. If you're determined to level Lumberjack and you're on a high-population server like Izy, either you're going to have to put up with a lot of competition, or you'll have to change your focus. Maybe you could level your lumberjack on Echo and then do a character transfer and bring it to Izy.
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Leveling professions on a highly populated will always be hell with the current system. Even on Echo right now, leveling the very first 20 levels of Miner (1-20) is hell as the only crafts that you can do to skip that part is Ferrite and then at level 10, Perfect Soul Stone for Small Souls which gives a small amount of experience and is significantly more expensive to craft than any low lvl alloy.

However, other professions on Echo are much more leveling friendly such as Lumberjack, Alchemist, Fisherman, Farmer and Hunter. Hunter is a different beast because you can farm meat endlessly, because of constant respawn of mobs and the abundance of zones for each level bracket. However the remaining four have a thing that ties them together: the resources are spread out, especially for Fisherman/Alchemist and Lumberjack. This means that if you are ambitious enough to level you will cross upwards of 30-50 maps to complete a route for one type of wood which will net you significant experience. In my opinion Miner should follow a similar pattern as some ores could be more spread out so that it does not take 2-4 minutes to clear a mine of 40+ Iron ores.

In terms of servers that are more alive like Ily, there needs to be a system similar to WoW where there is fast resource respawn when there are multiple people in the resource vicinity. The respawn could be buffed a lot but not too much as instant respawn is a recipe for a disaster(an economical one at that). 
As to why there needs to be more spread in ores location, currently we have 10 mines with Iron (add one from incarnam if you want) and 5 maps in Astrub Quarry that contain that ore. Compare that to Ash where that tree can be found on easily more than a hundred different maps. It is significantly easier to find some Ash than it is to find more than one Iron Ore node. I know that it depends on whether someone is mining at the moment but if there are multiple people cutting wood, I don't have a significant problem getting at least some nodes due to how much effort one person would have to go through to harvest all of them, however mines stand empty most of the time as there is upwards of  20 nodes in every room of a mine - that's why outdoor zones could use some ore deposits too. I'd much rather have to walk through 50 maps to gather 100 nodes than to gather none because someone can do it in 3 minutes total as they are literally next to each other.

Now as to whether Wakfu system could exist in a game like this: not really sure, probably not as I feel like Wakfu's professions are really easy to farm, even ones with shared resources such as Miner and Fisherman are not that hard to level up all the way to the 100th level. But being able to plant grain/tree and flowers is very nice, saves a lot of trouble when leveling. I don't think that this system could exist on the Flash/Air version of Dofus though, so we will have to wait for Unity if we are hoping to get anything similar to this.

Tl;dr - For now: more spread for certain resources like ores, faster node respawn that scales with player density pls!
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Too hard? I just flat out do not agree (unpopular opinion I guess). I've been playing just shy of 4 weeks now and I've got everything around 100 already, other than fishermen and handyman. The grinds have proven to greatly increase my funds, and I've also been busy progressing in the game as well. Idk, maybe the mono account servers are far different from Echo, but I think that the professions are far easier to level and more valuable these days than in the old 1.29 era. 
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I do not personally think that getting your professions to level 100 really indicates how hard or easy leveling professions will be. I am glad you are progressing and having fun but you are about to hit a wall created out of sparkling pebbles,  nuggets, bots, and sadness. Professions get increasingly more difficult to level in the higher levels. Crafting professions for example will cost you 20-30mk per profession in just pebbles alone at least (and I fear this a gross underestimation). Harvestable professions,  while vastly easier than crafting, still take a long time especially the more crowded the server and if you do not break down and buy the materials for their respective crafts.

Overall leveling professions is much harder than it was in the 1.29 era. You could literally level crafting profs with a total of 5 unique materials, 1-60 through 2 item recipes, and 60-100 with 3 item recipes. Magus could be spammed on low level items all the way to the top, and harvestable resources used to be way more clustered and abundant. 
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If not for lower levels, then for higher levels. The higher you are in a farming profession, the lower the spots you can farm of your level. For example, level 200 spots are like ~50 in the whole world, more or less. And with spots I just mean interactive fishes, ores, ... Considering the maps, some just can go to 5 maps worldwide and try to farm something. The big problem now is, that a lot of people reached the level 200 and farm these ressources 24/7. If they use bot programs or not, that's up for Ankama, however, in my humble opinion, Ankama should make more spots for level 200 farming professions to gather materials. It's just unfair and breraks the inGame market system. Just a few people farm ressources of level 200, are there 24/7 and sell them for horrible prices, because no one else has the chance to farm them.
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As usual the people at the top of the game have such an inferiority complex that they would downvote peoples request able to play the game like they did? LOL. All people want is to use a feature they are paying for, which is to be able to farm the resources the game has, simple. It's not PvP or PvM, its gathering a god damn resource that is the base of the entire game and guess what? There aren't any spots free for anyone to do that anymore, doesn't matter if there are ways around it.

Gathering a god damn plant or log or whatever it is, it SHOULDN'T be a 'competitive' scene, everyone should have their own resources they can farm without anyone else bothering them, anyone that disagrees probably uses bots or doesn't want features of the game that we all pay for to be available to everyone.

Bet you anything they sell kamas irl also, why else would they be so defensive about a game they have already basically completed?
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I again don't see any problem with the professions currently. Recently i started playing on ilyzaelle with a completely new character starting from scratch and although it is crazy competitive there i could still get my miner to lv165 (BY FAR the hardest profession to level up). I could easily level up other professions aswell even if they are not lv200 yet. People complain you can't level up a profession in a day anymore by gathering and i find that stupid. If you want to make profit you take the slow route and gather. If you want to do it fast you bite the bullet and lose some money on crafting the items for exp (as usually it costs slightly more than what they sell for). If people made resources easy to gather the markets would be filled with the items and they will cost nothing.. just look at fisherman. There is simply no money in that profession other than getting the rare fish which are only dropped by protectors. And why is that? Because the resources repop super fast. I do agree some resources are insanely hard to come by (specifically tin and MORE SPECIFICALLY obsidian in ilyzaelle at least) and i do understand it is not fun gathering them but other than miner i don't see another profession with that issue. 
To summarize, i think people are just lazy and too impatient to work for their professions. Not only that, but they are not being tactful about how they level their professions. There are many strategies and it is up to you to choose the successful ones for you. In all honesty i think ankama made leveling professions easier by their rewamps so many years ago.
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This, thanks for writing down my thoughts.
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