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Havresting nodes for Tin(why *I* think there should be more in the world)

By Kait-Diaz#8276 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 01, 2019, 04:36:54
Not really sure if this is the entirely correct section for what I’m about to say but I wasn’t sure if it fit the Suggestion Box section either. Anyway.

First and foremost, this is my opinion. You do not have to agree with it. If you do not agree though, I’d be interested in knowing why, out of curiosity.

As the title indicates, this post is all about one specific Miner resource at Level 100 - Tin, specifically.

My issue with this resource, quite simply, is that there just aren’t enough harvesting spots for the thing, given the uses it has in various recipes(Mineral Potions for Soul Stones, Alloys, etc), and how on a server with a reasonable population it almost always has someone camping at any of the spots where you can harvest it at almost all times and it seems to take an eternity to respawn as well. I spent two hours yesterday farming it and I left with 203 Tin when someone else decided to fight over the spot I occupied and I decided it wasn’t worth the stress so I left to do something else. This stuff is wanted enough that even with only 203 pieces of it, I could make around about 240,000 kamas on my server. But I want to use it for Mineral Potions to create Soul Stones for the Ochre Dofus quest, and since I wanted to make sure I have more than what I assume I’ll need for Soul Stones I planned to make 100 of each, meaning I need 1800 Tin for the Mineral Potions. But as I mentioned, the harvesting spots for it are pretty much always contested by at least one person and there’s what, not much more than 30 of it throughout the entire world, and it took me two hours to farm just 203 pieces of it, including one resource protector, when I had a window where I was left mostly undisturbed to harvest the nodes whenever they respawned.

But really, farming Tin is nothing less than a pain in the back, especially in large quantities. I don’t want to imagine how horrible it’d be to try to level Miner past Level 100, especially if the previous levels were any indication of it. Why are there so few harvesting spots/nodes in the entire world for it anyway? It is some Level 100 resource which is used in a multitude of recipes, not some high level profession resource of which there should never be far too much available(alright, this may generally apply to resources but my point is that it seems far too rare and hard/annoying to get for a mid-profession level resource). People already seem to fight over it almost 24/7 and then there’s probably players who purely and simply take the Tin to then resell it on the market because it does provide a not insubstantial amount of kamas if you manage to get a decent amount of it, making it even harder for players who simply want to get it for recipes. I only want Tin for Soul Stones as the Mineral Potion is needed to make stones for Level 100, 150 and 200+ Soul Stones, and if I wanted to make 100 of each and not farm the Tin I’d have to shell out around 1.8 million kamas just for the Tin, and then there’s other things such as monster resources and Crimson Pebbles which are needed, pushing the price even further, and so on.

So anyway. After I let myself out on the matter, the principal question is, why are there so few harvesting nodes for Tin, when it is a Level 100 profession resource? It just makes it unnecessarily annoying to gather lots of it when Miner already is one of the professions which takes the longest, and may be the least fun(of the gathering professions), to level(in my experience, at least, but your mileage may vary).
No, I don’t expect to Thanos snap my way to get what I need for resources to make recipes or level professions but I don’t think I should have to put up with an unnecessarily stressful/annoying experience simply trying to gather materials because there just are not enough harvesting nodes of it in the world, compared to player count, if I don’t want to shell out an exorbitant amount of kamas for a mid-level profession resource. Heck, some of the high level profession resources are much cheaper than Tin...
I might’ve missed something I wanted to say, which might make my post seem a little incoherent in places but it’s real late and I’m tired, not really able to sleep, so please forgive me if it does.
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This is very painful to read, can you be more concise next time and say something like:
"There isn't enough tin in the world, it's used for too many recipes including making soul stones which I need for the eternal harvest."
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