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guys im back from an very long time, which proffesion is good way to get money (lvl 154 feca)

By dragonfablie#3028 - SUBSCRIBER - December 24, 2019, 21:51:14
need some money thats not so time consuming
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Hunter works, put a hunting rune on ur weapon and get some extra Kamas while u play
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There is old topick about kamas making, some of tips are still on time (at least on echo).
catch it:
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prolly do like all players, gathering profession like a bot, you have to pay those bills .
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I have found the easiest way for me personally to make those sweet sweet Kamas is craft items (jewelry, boots/shoes, whatever) in mass, and shatter them for the runes. You can either try selling the runes right away or hang onto them for a bit, shatter more items and then combine them into bigger runes before selling them off. 
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