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Professions on a new server

By Smorrow#9997 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 13, 2020, 20:25:01
I'm a returning player who's coming back after several years, and I've been playing on Temporis, which is quite fun! I started to explore professions much more since many others are focused on leveling I had alot of luck mining and lumberjacks, and finding a decent amount of nodes that it didn't take too long to level up. I had the idea that in the off time I should make a character on Jahash to transfer the EXP to so I should start professions there.

My god is that the largest shitshow I've ever seen. Every mine has people lining the walls like flies on sticking paper, every screen with a trace of trees has people standing near two of them to claim them, I haven't found a nettle untouched since getting lucky in Incarnum. I've gone all over Astrub and Amakna and this is a garbage player experience. Is this really the intended experience that someone looking to make stuff themselves should have? I'm surprised there isn't any instancing for nodes, or making nodes unique for player by player basis.
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if u wanna do profession in dofus 2... just dont do it
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It takes a while to level professions that way. Ultimately your best bet will probably be to buy a lot of the materials you need. Mining in particular is VERY hard because the nodes are scarce. This causes ore to be very expensive. This is not inherently a bad thing.

Some resources are more scarce than others, and that's just how the game goes. If everyone had their own node instances it would ruin the economy. I suggest leveling you Alchemist, Hunter, and Fisherman, those will be the easiest with the least competition. Lumberjack and Miner are the worst for sure unless you buy the ore/wood (I leveled mine in one/two months farming it myself).
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